2012 Massey Ferguson GC2600 Series Sub-Compact MF GC2600 - 25.0 HP


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Massey Ferguson
GC2600 Series Sub-Compact MF GC2600 - 25.0 HP
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Get the job done fast. Get the job done well.

Our GC Series sub-compact tractors are versatile, comfortable and easy to operate. With features like the roomiest operator platform in their class, with plenty leg room, a comfortable seat, logically placed controls and even cruise control.

• Best in class. First in comfort.

• You've got attachments. It has flexibility.

• Hydrostatic transmission makes it a breeze to operate.

Engine: Unmatched performance and environmentally friendly, these engines provide years of dependable service. Tier IV interim compliant Iseki 3-cylinder liquid cooled diesel engine is the power source for the GC Series sub-compact tractors.

• Naturally aspirated and indirect injected.

• Glow plug starting aid helps with cold weather starting.

• A reverse airflow design means on those long hot days mowing the lawn the warm air from the engine blows away from you instead of right back on you.

Transmission: A two range infinitely variable hydrostatic transmission puts you in control. Mowing the lawn or moving dirt, the 2 range hydrostatic transmission gives you complete control.

• Dual side by side pedals on the GC2400 and GC2600 series free up more space on the operator platform and reduce the amount of leg movement while operating the machine.

• By moving the brake pedal to the left hand side of the platform, operation has never been easier.

• Increase speed by simply pushing down on the pedal in either direction and to decrease speed let off of the pedal.

• High and low range provide you with even more speed control. The range shift lever is located on the right console and can be shifted between high, neutral and low when the tractor is completely stopped.

Hydraulics: Power to get the job done fast and with ease. The tractor mounted joystick controlled remote provides control of two functions within easy reach of the operator, making it ideal for loader control.

• Couplers are located on the right front platform to provide easy access, so that connecting implements can be done quickly and efficiently.

• Designed specifically for loader control, but can be used to control other implements such as the front mounted snow blower, rotary broom or blade when the loader is removed.

3-Point Hitch: A standard Category I three point hitch allows you to use one of the many implements offered to you by Massey Ferguson. For all the jobs you have planned around home, farm or estate, the Category I three point hitch allows you to attach an implement to help you get the job done.

• With the lift control, the three point hitch lever will kick back into neutral when released and the hitch will stop where it is at that time.

• Rate of drop control lets you fine-tune the hitch control to fit the application at hand. It can also be used to lock the hitch in place when turned all the way to the lock position.

• Turnbuckle type stabilizers allow you to adjust the side to side sway to keep the implement where you want it.

PTO: Engagement on-the-go or sitting still, just one of the benefits of the independent PTO control on the GC Series tractors. Independent PTO is great for operating a mid-mount mower or rear mounted implements.

• Standard rear 540 rpm rear and 2000 rpm mid PTO.

• Mid and rear PTO can be operated independently of one another or simultaneously. All PTO controls are located on the left control console.

• To engage the PTO simply push the engagement lever to the forward position, to disengage move it to the rearward position.

Operator's Area: Designed so that time spent maintaining your place is less work and more fun. An operator platform where all of the controls are right at your fingertips so you don’t have to look for them.

• All of the PTO controls have yellow handles and are located on the left control console.

• Forward and reverse travel is controlled with the foot pedal on the right floor and the range shift lever and 4wd lever are on the right control console.

• The GC Series come standard with cruise control so that when you are traveling long distances at a constant speed you don’t have to hold down on the pedal all of the time.

• Automotive-style instrumentation panel design makes it easier to keep an eye on major operation systems such as a tachometer, fuel gauge and engine coolant.

• A deluxe seat with adjustable suspension and a retractable seatbelt is standard on any of the GC Series tractors. A fixed ROPS is used on the GC2400 and GC2600 while the all TLB models use a folding ROPS.

• Other safety features include an operator presence system that will shut off the engine if the operator tries to leave the seat with the tractor in gear or the PTO engaged.

Serviceability: Servicing your tractor has never been this easy. Nobody wants to do it, but we all know we should. So Massey Ferguson designed a tractor that makes it easy.

• Checking the engine oil is a matter of raising the hood and pulling the engine oil dipstick.

• To check the coolant level simply raise the hood and look at the overflow tank to see if the coolant is at the full line marked on the tank. The overflow tank is located just in front of the instrument panel.

• The battery is just to the right of the overflow tank so if you need a boost it is easy to get to.

• Filling the 6.6 gallon fuel tank is easier than ever with a large plastic fill cap located just to the right of the seat.

• Checking the hydraulic oil level is as simple as looking at the site glass located on the left rear side of the rear axle housing.

Options & Accessories: Because we know you have a lot of plans for your GC Series tractor and we are ready to equip it any way you want it.

• Grill Guard: Along with providing added protection, the rugged grill guard can be used to carry front weights for added stability and traction.

• R3 Tires (Turf Tires): These low-impact tires treat your turf with tender loving care by preventing ruts and deep tread marks.

• R1 Tires (Bar Tread): When your chores call for extra traction in mud, snow or hilly terrain, these are the tires you should be riding on.

• R4 Tires Industrial Tires: Offer excellent traction, are gentler on grass and considered the most versatile choice.

Implements: With a full range of Massey Ferguson implements available we are ready to help you take on almost any task.

• Snowblower: The 2360 front mounted snow blower makes snow removal easier than ever. Hydraulic raise and lower is standard equipment on the 2360 snow blower. A manual hand crank chute rotation is standard with the option to add electric chute rotation and the chute deflector can also be adjusted manually so that you have total control of where the snow goes.

• Dozer Blade: You can choose from either the 54” 2335 or the 60” 2340 front mounted blade to equip your GC Series to take on any job. Both models are equipped with hydraulic raise and lower and hydraulic angling is optional on the 2340.

• Rotary Broom: The 2330 rotary broom is just the tool for cleaning the driveway, sidewalk or street. With hydraulic raise and lower and manual adjust angling with positions of 0, 12.5 and 25 degrees.

Loaders: Turn a backbreaking job into light work with a DL100 Massey Ferguson loader. When you see a Massey Ferguson DL100 loader on a GC series tractor you can tell that they were made to go together.

• Loader control is easy and convenient with the pedestal mounted joystick

• A pedestal mount design makes removal and installation fast and easy.

• A 678 lb lift capacity makes even the toughest jobs seem small with the DL100 loader.

Mid-Mount Finish Mowers: With three mowers to chose from, we are sure to have a mower to fit your needs. Our GC Series offers you a choice of three mid-mount mowers. Available in 54” or 60” side discharge decks, with high volume capacity wind tunnels, or a 54” mulching deck. These mowers deliver a clean, even cut every time out.

• All three mowers are shaft driven and through a gear box with a v-belt that drives the three spindles.

• Quick disconnect means you can remove the any of the three mowers in a matter of minutes so you can move on to other jobs.

• The mower deck can be locked in the up position so that you can raise and lower the three point hitch without moving the mower.

• The 54” 2315 is a true mulching mower with steel mulching chambers and 2 blades per spindle to create fine grass clipping to keep your lawn looking its best.

• For smaller lawns the standard side discharge mower is the perfect choice.

• The 60” standard side discharge mower will help you make short time of mowing even the large lawn.

  • Gross Engine HP: 25
  • PTO HP: 19.6
  • Rated engine speed: 3,000
  • Type: 3 - cylinder diesel
  • Displacement: in3 (cc): 68.5 (1,123)
  • Cooling system: Liquid cooled
  • Fuel tank capacity: gal. (l): 6.6 (25)
  • Hydrostatic: 2 range w/cruise
  • Forward speeds: mph (kph): 0-9.1 (0-14.7)
  • Rear brakes: Wet disc
  • Rear PTO type: Independent 540 RPM
  • Control: Mechanical
  • Mid PTO type: Independent 2,000 RPM
  • Control: Mechanical
  • Type of system: Open center
  • Flow at remotes: gpm (lpm): 4.8 (18.8)
  • Power steering flow: gpm (lpm): 2 (7.5)
  • Total flow: gpm (lpm): 6.8 (26.3)
  • Factory joystick: Standard
3-Point Hitch
  • ASAE hitch: Cat. I
  • Controls: Auto return
  • Rate of drop control: Standard
  • Lift capacity @ hitch point: lbs. (kg): 1,190 (540)
  • Type of stabilizers: Turnbuckle
  • Type of link ends: Fixed
Operator Area
  • Platform type: Flat
  • ROPS: Fixed
  • Seat type: Coil spring
  • Seat belt type: Retractable
  • Hood type: Flip-up
Dimensions with Ag Tires
  • Overall length: in. (mm): 97.6 (2,480)
  • Minimum overall width: in. (mm): 46.9 (1,165)
  • Max width @ rear combo light: in. (mm): 47.25 (1,200)
  • Maximum height over ROPS: in. (mm): 72.8 (1,850)
  • Ground clearance: in. (mm): 6.7 (170)
  • Wheelbase: in. (mm): 57.1 (1,450)
  • Shipping weight: lbs. (kg): 1,433 (650)
  • Model: DL100
  • Max. lift height @ pivot pin: in. (mm): 73 (1,854)
  • Dump angle @ max. height: degrees: 43
  • Bucket roll back angle: degrees: 20
  • Lift capacity to full hght @ pivot pin: lbs. (kg): 678 (307)
  • Lift capacity to full hght @ 19.5” forward: lbs. (kg): 470 (213)
  • Breakout force @ bucket edge: lbs. (N): 950 (431)
  • Bucket options: 48” (1,219)



Engine Manufacturer
Engine Type
3-cylinder diesel, natural aspiration
25 hp
19.6 hp
Rated RPM
3,000 rpm


57.1 in. (1,450 mm)
Top of ROPS: 72.8 in. (1,850 mm)
Minimum: 46.9 in. (1,165 mm)
1,433 lb. (650 kg)
Ground Clearance
6.7 in. (170 mm)


Fuel Capacity
6.6 gal. (25 L)
Hydrostatic 2 range w/cruise
Wet disc
Type: Open center; Total Flow: 6.8 gpm (26.3 L/min.)